this was the best scene ever… of all time

I need this in my life at all times.



Omg guys I was out with a friend at Golden Corral this week and we sat in one of the lesser used sitting areas in the back. Ok so we were eating dessert when we hear POP and we both just froze and slowly turned around and saw fuckin ketchup all over the place, all the way up the wall, across the ceiling, on light fixtures and tables, the opposite wall and window, and then right in the middle was a very messy, now empty, bottle of ketchup. It had soured and the pressure built up inside from the vinegar and it exploded, bottle rocket style, straight off the table. We went and got the waitress who immediately starts laughing and she goes and gets the asst manager and he gets the head manager and everyone is just standing there laughing and taking pictures of this ketchup which looks like a fucking crime scene.